240Z with a Turbo V6 in the Trunk

This appears to be a 240Z with a V6 (probably sourced from Nissan) and turbo sitting behind the seats. Unfortunately we do not know more about this project. If anyone knows more please contact us or leave a comment. Source: Oddimotive via OppositeLock

JER Development’s 240Z

Here is a video of JER Development’s 1973 240Z dyno run. The 240Z has a RB30 swap. On 13 psi of boost the engine is making 392 horsepower to the rear wheels.

240Z with LSx

I found these images while shifting through some random posts. A very clean 240Z with a LSx motor swap at 2009 Goodguys autocross event. If anyone has a build thread or extra info please leave a comment.

SCCA-Spec 1971 240Z

This project started over 5 years ago to make a SCCA-spec car that would also be street legal. It started with a completely stripped 1971 240Z to which they added a IROC Z28 V8. The firewall and most of the transmission tunnel was removed to get the engine to sit as far back as possible. … Read more