Twin Engine Delorean

While wasting some time the other day on flickr I came across a few pictures of a Delorean show. In those there is a picture which really caught my attention. It seems a very resourceful builder created a twin engine Delorean. The flickr photographer says the front engine is a Honda four bangger and the rear engine is a Cadillac Northstar.

Twin Engine Delorean

Twin Engine Delorean

After some careful Google searching I came across what seems to be the owner’s website. Details from this site show the front engine is a 1988 2.0L Honda Prelude and the rear is a 1970 Cadillac Eldorado 8.2L monster with a Turbohydramatic 425 transmission. But due to complications with the front clip size the engine had to be mounted to a 1985 Eldorado front clip.

Some of the questions I had while reading this were answered on the FAQ section. Such as does each engine run constantly. The answer is he has a two mode system. One mode will only run the front engine when only cruising is needed. The other mode runs both engines. The engines are only synced via the throttle on idle and wide open. He leaves up to the automatic transmissions of each engine to decide when to shift. One area where he has left out is performance numbers.

4 thoughts on “Twin Engine Delorean”

  1. I saw this car 4 the first time today, in person, I made a u-turn, I HAD to stop. This is the real deal!!!!!! Ricks engineering prowess is beyond AWESOME. The DMC DeLorean is beautiful, but this example is beyond beauty, it melds form, function, and all the shortcomings of the original, on to a new plane.

  2. Friggin’ AWESOME! I GOTTA know how FAST it goes!! I’ll seek out the FAQ for the weight…it’s gotta be heavy.

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