Building a 259 ci V6 for Bonneville from a NASCAR SB2 V8

Automotive Specialists 259 ci V6 from a NASCAR SB2 V8

Keith Dorton is building a very special engine for the Hot Rod Hoodlums Texas Race Team at his company Automotive Specialists in Concord, North Carolina. The race team needed an engine to compete in a land speed class at Bonneville requiring a displacement less than 261 ci. Keith decided the best way to achieve this and make a lot of power was to build a 259 ci V6 using a Nascar SB2 V8. The naturally aspirated V6 made 663 horsepower at 9,200 rpm and 393 lb-ft of torque at 7,300 rpm. Listen to Jeff Huneycutt from The Horsepower Monster explain how the unique engine was built below.

Source: The Horsepower Monster via Piotr

4 thoughts on “Building a 259 ci V6 for Bonneville from a NASCAR SB2 V8”

  1. It’s hard to believe a V-6 could put up with revving 9,200 rpm without flying apart. Didn’t Indy challenge a few some years ago and found that to be true?

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