Honda Civic with 2,200 Horsepower V8

I just found this video while wandering around on youtube. It shows a heavily modified Honda Civic with a 454 LSX V8. The owner claims the motor is good for 800 horsepower by itself and with the nitrous, he estimates 2,200 horsepower. The plan is to drag, drift and autocross this monster soon. Can’t wait … Read more

Crusher Camaro Live Engine Swap

Live Engine Swap at PRI on Crusher Camaro with a LS7

Sit back and watch 24 hours and 56 minutes of engine swapping goodness. To recap David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan swapped a LS7 motor into HOT ROD’s Crusher Camaro Live on the PRI trade show floor. Day 1 Day 2 Day 3

Mini Cooper With Twin Engines

San Francisco builder Jacques Andres wanted to build a competitive Mini for the 25 Hours of Thunderhill. He didn’t have the money to build a 500 horsepower engine so he decided to just install another motor. Each engine is a factory supercharged 1.6L four-cylinder good for 250 horsepower. With both engines the Mini weighs 2,700 … Read more

Toyota MR2 Powered by Turbo K20

A good friend pointed us to RaceLab’s amazing MR2 project. The power plant is a turbocharged Honda K20 good for 890 horsepower to the wheels. That level of power stuffed in a 2,400 lb package equals one incredibly fast car. As one can imagine with a swap like this, there are those who don’t like … Read more