Triumph TR7 with Ford SHO Engine

The Triumph TR7 was built by the Triumph Motor Company from 1974 to 1981. Yamaha helped Ford build the SHO engine which was a DOHC V6 engine for the Taurus. A SHO engine swap into a Triumph TR7 presented a lot of problems. The owner first started this swap about a year after the SHO … Read more

2JZ-GTE Powered Nissan 240SX

Over at the Nissan forum NicoClub this 1997 S14 has a 2JZ-GTE power plant swap which is putting out 330 rwhp. The owner claims to have around $25K spent into the car and is looking to sell. The car has a R154 5 speed trans, upgraded clutch and intercooler. Check the forum post for the … Read more

LS1 powered Datsun 240Z

Here is a very nice LS1 powered 240Z. With the engine being just slightly heavier then the stock engine this car is able to put down a 10.9 @ 126 mph quarter mile. The engine is also pushed as far back as possible to the firewall giving the car a better weight distribution. Source: Viczcar

Turbine Charger

1972 Dodge Charger with a swapped 500 horsepower Caterpillar 553-2-1 turbine engine. This will be a very interesting car when finished. The engine will of course be a turbine as explained above. It will have the BMW front frame, a Dodge 727 transmission, Audi brakes and LCD instrument panel. Source: Jalopnik

Mustang with Lamborghini Gallardo V10

This obviously is not your typical Mustang GT rollin’ down the street. No this Mustang has a mid-engine 520 HP V10 from a Lamborghini Gallardo. John Haugh created this hybrid and kept the AWD, 6 speed paddle shifting transmission, Lambo dash, seats, and most of the interior. John reported that the Mustang only took him … Read more

Ford’s New Turbo Engines

Ford will be releasing new 4 and 6 cylinder engines based off their Ecoboost technology. These engines are turbo charged and direct injected. The first engine will be debuting in the Lincoln MKS in 2009 and will feature a twin turbocharged V6. The V6 is estimated to make 340HP / 340T which is close performance … Read more