Triumph with Chevy 5.7L V8

Stick a 450bhp Chevy 5.7L V8 into a Triumph 2500 and you can do this all day. The person who uploaded the video says they had to go through several diffs because the torque heavy bowtie was destroying them. Now he believes it is running a BMW diff from a seven or eight series. Source: … Read more

2JZ Powered Nissan Skyline R32

This Nissan R32 was built to drag race with a powerful inline-six. However instead of a RB-series inline-six, it is powered by a twin-turbo 2JZ inline-six. The engine produces 1,380 horsepower thanks to two Garrett GT T04ZR turbochargers. Source: UAE Warriors via ESD reader Sam

LSx Engine Swap Kit for BRZ/FR-S Being Developed

Weapons Grade Performance LSx swap kit for Toyota FRS and Subaru BRZ

Weapons Grade Performance revealed on their Facebook page they are working on a LSx engine swap kit for the Subaru BRZ/Toyota FR-S platform while updating progress on their LSx swapped BRZ project. The subframe and other swap parts are going to be our little secret until we release the kit 😉 Update 8/18/2016 – Weapons … Read more