Mustang with Lamborghini Gallardo V10

This obviously is not your typical Mustang GT rollin’ down the street. No this Mustang has a mid-engine 520 HP V10 from a Lamborghini Gallardo. John Haugh created this hybrid and kept the AWD, 6 speed paddle shifting transmission, Lambo dash, seats, and most of the interior. John reported that the Mustang only took him … Read more

Ford’s New Turbo Engines

Ford will be releasing new 4 and 6 cylinder engines based off their Ecoboost technology. These engines are turbo charged and direct injected. The first engine will be debuting in the Lincoln MKS in 2009 and will feature a twin turbocharged V6. The V6 is estimated to make 340HP / 340T which is close performance … Read more

67 Mustang Fastback with Cobra Venom

Speed Inc – PTSC out of Schaumburg, IL is responsible for this 1967 Mustang Fastback with a swapped 2004 Cobra Mustang 4.6L supercharged DOHC producing 446 RWHP and 505 FPT. The suspension has been completely upgraded with coil overs all over riding on a Martz Chassis. The Mustang has been switched over to rack and … Read more

Renault 4CV with a Twin-turbo Subaru EJ20

Here we have a twin turbo 2.0 L Subaru EJ20 engine with custom intake and exhaust plumbing. The owner estimates the system is putting out around 300 horsepower. The car was built for racing and has a full tube chassis and roll cage. Obviously this still needs some body work but it can be yours … Read more

Ford Festiva with Mid-engine V8

This CarDomain user has put a 355ci V8 in the back of a little Festiva. The owner through heavy modification decided to keep the FWD. The V8 delivers the power through a TH350 transmission with a shortened driveshaft. It also has a limited-slip differential out of a 1989 BMW 325I and heavily modified c/v shafts … Read more

LS6 Powered Pontiac G8

In a recent Motortrend article, Holden Special Vehicles has built a Pontiac G8 with a 7.0L 505 hp LS7 from a Corvette Z06. They also upgrade a few others such at 20″ wheels, exhaust, and suspension. Yet another way to get those groceries home ASAP. Source: Autoblog