RB26DETT Swapped Stagea Wagon

For around $35K you too can have your own right hand drive twin turbo Nissan station wagon. They also added the Skyline aero parts to spruce up the appearance and it seems to work. Actually these cars could actually come setup very similar to the R31 from the factory. You could get a smaller turbo … Read more

1966 Corvette Crusher

This 1966 Corvette currently has a 6.0L Escalade LQ9 block with all the nice trimmings including a 6 speed T-56, LS6 intake, x-pipe exhaust, and Art Morrison front end. Source: Pro-touring.com

Hummer With 2,000 Torque Engine

Yes thats right a 5,000 lbs red Hummer H3 by Johnathan Goodwin of SAE Energy will have around 600 hp and 2,000 lbs torque thanks to a military turbine. Johnathan expects the H3 with this kind of power to do 0-60 in 5 seconds. The H3 will actually be a hybrid, part electric and part … Read more

Twins Turbo S2000 Update

Twins Turbo updated Supra Forums on their progress. Eric also pointed out this car should not be considered a swap. I resent our work being labeled as a “swap” we are not swapping anything in, we are not using any factory mounts, there will be no way for anyone to do what we are doing … Read more

Audi Could Use Lambo Factory Swap

I don’t know if this falls under the traditional feeling of a swap seeing as this is factory based but it seems interesting Audi may use the same 5L V10 engine currently used in the Gallardo for its RS 5 model. The Lambo engine is capable of outputting 500 hp. Source: eGM Car Tech