Ford GT Mid-Engine Mustang Fastback

Time Machines is working on a Mustang Fastback which will include a swapped Ford GT engine. Mike Staveski, the owner of Time Machines, recently posted some new pictures on of the parts going on the project. I was holding back posting on this project as it seemed to be moving slowly but with the … Read more

Pontiac SS with Porsche Engine

This is a 2003 Pontiac IMSA Fiero that was built off a prototype IMSA body. The owner was able to find this treasure off eBay of all places. Talk about a find. The owner has since has dropped in a 427 c.i. small block which at 13.9:1 compression is putting down around 645 HP and … Read more

Toyota MR2 with Two Jet Turbines

1991 Toyota MR2 with two jet turbines

ToyJunkies removed the factory engine in this 1991 Toyota MR2 and installed two GE T58 turboshafts. The team converted the turboshaft engines into jet engines which mean they provide movement through exhaust thrust. The wild car was recently sold on eBay for $20,100. If anyone knows anything more on this project please contact us or … Read more

Drag 240Z with Nissan RB Engine

Originally swapped with some bowtie power this 240Z already had some serious pull. But Robbie Ward’s 240Z was going to have the engine switched from a Chevy engine to a Nissan engine. Robbie got himself a RB30 block and mated it to a RB26 head. That added to a couple of HKS turbos and this … Read more