Full Tattoo Paint Job on Lamborghini

We usually don’t post non engine swap post here but this one was just too interesting to pass up. This really can not be called a paint job as it seems this Lamborghini was all done by a marker but the skill is still there. Plus it must have taken some serious time to finish … Read more

V12 Twin Turbo Motorcycle

What do you get when you mix drugs, alcohol, loud music and a Jaguar V12 engine? Well you get the Jagged Edge. The bike has only one gear and does currently tops out at 120mph. Normally the owner builds trikes but built this bike off of spare parts lying around his shop. The bike is … Read more

First 2JZ Twin Turbo Corvette on Earth

This seems to be the first Toyota 2JZ powered Corvette on earth and it was done in Kuwait. We could not find too much information on this besides the youtube links which I have embedded below. If anyone knows more info on this swap let us know. Hopefully the creators will create a website or … Read more

JTR V8 Swap Conversion Kits

JTR (stands for jaguars that run) started off fitting Chevy V8 engines into Jaguars and publishing a manual on how to do the swap. They also went on to offer swap manuals for the Datsun Z, the Volvo 200 and 700 Series, and the Chevrolet S-10. Their manuals take you step by step through the … Read more


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