Electric Honda S2000

Electric engines are no doubt the future and one man decided to get started on his own EV right now. The owner Brian, decided to swap the Honda S2000’s factory F20C motor, drivetrain, and electronics for a dual-shaft Advanced DC FB1-4001A motor. The S2000 will run the electric motor at its highest capacity of 144 … Read more

Corvette Mini-Me

Chevrolet decided the Matiz should be a gas efficient, small, light, grass growing accelerating automobile. To reach those goals Chevy stuck a 1.0L in-line 3 cylinder producing around 65 horsepower. But in July of 2007 Fourdin Auto Sport did what any respectable auto enthusiast would have done to boost the power, shoehorn a 550 horsepower … Read more

Titan V8 G35

In the small town of Buford, Georgia lies a performance shop called Drift Emporium who is responsible for the Titan V8 G35. Because Drift Emporium figured the factory installed 3.5L V6 didn’t have enough machismo, they decided to shoehorn a 2005 Titan 5.6L V8 into the engine bay. But why stop there? To boost the … Read more

Tacoma Truck with a 2JZ-GTE

2003 Toyota Tacoma S-Runner with a 2JZ-GTE inline-six

This 2003 Toyota Tacoma S-Runner has a little surprise under the hood. Instead of the factory installed 5VZ-FE V6, it is now powered a 3.0 L 2JZ-GTE inline-six from a 1994 Toyota Supra. The engine was converted from twin-turbo to a single Sound Performance 67 mm turbocharger. The Toyota Tacoma S-Runner was the sports version … Read more