Top Secret Supra with a Twin-Turbo V12

Top Secret Toyota Supra with a twin-turbo 1GZ-FE V12

Top Secret took home Best of Show honors from the 2007 Tokyo Auto Salon with their crazy Toyota Supra with a twin-turbo 5.0 L 1GZ-FE V12. You can tell from the video that the engine swap did not leave much room for the radiator which was placed in the back. Currently the boost has been … Read more

BMW 535si LH6 Engine Swap Video

GeezersGarage has been uploading some great videos to youtube showing his LH6 (vortec) engine from a 2005 GMC Envoy into a 1987 BMW 535is. This engine has Active Fuel Management (formerly known as Displacement on Demand) which can shut down half the cylinders to improve fuel economy. I will continue to update this with newer … Read more

Nissan’s 350Z Super GT Car Switches to V8

Nissan has just announced their next car for the 2007 Super GT Championship will switching from a VQ30DETT engine to a VK45DE engine. The switch from a twin turbo 3.0L V6 to a naturally aspirated V8 is believed to be in response to Toyota’s 2006 Championship win using their SC430. Apparently there are fewer air … Read more

Big Block 454 in Datsun 280Z

Soon after the 383 was killed a search for more power resulted in squeezing a 454 into this small and light car. It would be interesting to find out the weight bias having such a big motor in this car. But it seems this car was built for one thing only, going in a straight … Read more

Viper Engine into Jeep Wrangler

If you have every wondered if someone has put a Viper engine into a Jeep before? Well someone did. Burnsville Offroad started the project in May of 2006 and it took seven months to complete. Other upgrades were done to the suspension, headers, driveshaft, brakes, paint and powder coating. This must the fastest Jeep on … Read more