ICON CJ3B with a VW TDI Diesel

ICON CJ3B with a VW 1.9 L TDI turbo diesel inline-four

Jonathan Ward released a video about their most recent ICON CJ3B which might turn out to be their last. Jonathan explains although he loves the Willys-Overland CJ-3B a lot there is such small demand for them that he can’t justify the production costs. In fact they officially removed the model from their website about a … Read more

Jeep CJ-7 with a Supercharged V8

The Jeep CJ-7 came with several different engines but none of them compare to what is currently in Greg Zoetmulder’s 1980 Jeep. The Jeep is powered by an AES Racing built 408 ci V8 and a ProCharger F2. The engine runs Dart 245 heads, Crower billet rods, CP 9.5 pistons, and Steve Morris cam. With … Read more