1968 Corvette with a Diesel Inline-Six

1968 Corvette with a 5.9 L Cummins diesel inline-six

Ryan Lusk decided to stuff a 5.9 L Cummins diesel inline-six into his 1968 Corvette. Why did he do such a unique swap? The Corvette was purchased with severe damage in the rear from a collision. He rebuilt the back half of the chassis with a four-link suspension and Ford 9″ rear end. Ryan ran … Read more

SEMA 2009: LS9 Powered 1965 Corvette

Classic Detroit steel meets 21st Century Detroit engine technology in this 1965 Corvette. The plaque in the beginning of the video claims it to be the first and I think they are right. This swap was built by the Long Island Collector Car Garage and is for sale if anyone wants it. 1965+Corvette+Roadster

Wrecked 2009 ZR1 for Sale on Ebay

wrecked 2009 Corvette ZR1

Can’t wait until GM Performance releases the LS9 crate engine later this year? Well there is a very lightly wrecked Corvette ZR1 for sale on Ebay with a starting price at $75,000 and a buy-it-now price of $97,500. That’s probably out of the range of most swappers but you would be getting a LSx engine … Read more

V7 Twin Turbo Corvette Final

American Supercars has finished their crazy mid-engine TT Corvette. On the dyno this monster turboed LS1 put out 1,067 horsepower and 980 pounds of torque. No telling what kind of boost currently the engine is running but I assume the engine has been heavily modified to handle 1k hp. The car’s weight comes in at … Read more

1966 Corvette Crusher

This 1966 Corvette currently has a 6.0L Escalade LQ9 block with all the nice trimmings including a 6 speed T-56, LS6 intake, x-pipe exhaust, and Art Morrison front end. Source: Pro-touring.com

First 2JZ Twin Turbo Corvette on Earth

This seems to be the first Toyota 2JZ powered Corvette on earth and it was done in Kuwait. We could not find too much information on this besides the youtube links which I have embedded below. If anyone knows more info on this swap let us know. Hopefully the creators will create a website or … Read more