BMW E30 Powered By A 600 Horsepower LS3

Smokey’s Dyno and Performance in Akron, Ohio has built a very powerful BMW E30 called Project GMW. The E30 was built for high speed runs and road courses. Currently the car runs a Trick Flow built LS3 crate motor bored to 408 cubic inches. The engine features forged internals, Trick Flow 245 heads, stage 4 … Read more

BMW E30 with E46 Engine

Built by Ergen Motorsport, this BMW E30 features a 3.2L S54B32 motor from a 2003 E46 M3. Custom equal length headers and an Alhpa-N engine management helps the engine to produce 360 horsepower and 269 lb-ft of torque. For more information and pictures click the source link below. Source: Speedhunters – Story by Suzy Wallace … Read more

Infamous Performance Drag Racing Swaps

Infamous Performance knows how to build a powerful Mitsubishi 4G63 engine. I just found these videos of two 4G63 swaps they created for drag racing, a Honda S2000 and a BMW E30. Drag S2000 with 4G63 Swap Image Gallery Link Drag E30 with 4G63 Swap Image Gallery Link Source: Infamous Performance’s Facebook Page

BMW E30 Engine Swap Options

Here is an article listing BMW engines swaps for a BMW E30. The writer gives engine power stats, advantages and disadvantages for choosing each engine. Engines listed in the article: 1.8 L I4 M42B18 2.3 L I4 S14B23 2.5 L I6 M20B25 2.5 L I6 M50B25 2.7 L I6 M20B27 3.0 L I6 S50B30 3.2 … Read more

Franken M3

Piper Motorsports is taking the last steps to finishing up their Franken M3 project. Using a 1988 BMW M3 Piper Motorsports swapped the standard 192 horsepower 2.3 L inline-four to a 507 horsepower 5.0 L V10 from a BMW E60 M5. To be able to shoehorn such an engine Piper Motorsports had to take the … Read more