BMW E36 with a Turbo N55B30 Inline-Six

BMW E36 with a turbo N55 inline-six

Last year Jake “Rollzie” Rolls wanted to try something different in his BMW E36 sedan. He decided on installing a turbocharged 3.0 L N55B30 inline-six taken from a 2015 BMW M135i. A factory version of this motor makes 315-325 hp (235-240 kW) and 332 lb-ft (450 Nm) of torque. Jake’s engine is mostly stock with … Read more

For Sale: 1996 BMW M3 with a LS2 V8

1996 BMW M3 with a LS2 V8

This 1996 BMW M3 E36 is for sale in Houston, Texas for $45,000. The project started six years ago and includes build photos, documents, and receipts showing $90,000 in parts and labor. Under the hood sits a 402 ci (6.58 L) LS2 V8 built by Texas Speed & Performance making 515 hp on 93 octane … Read more

BMW E36 Wagon with a S54 Inline-Six

BMW E36 wagon with a S54 inline-six

Geert Geerts and his company GNG Motorsport are transforming a BMW E36 wagon into a race car for a lucky customer. Under the hood sits a built 3.2 L S54 inline-six that will produce slightly more power than the factory 343 hp (256 kW) and 269 lb-ft (395 Nm) of torque thanks to Schrick camshafts … Read more

BMW E36 with a M62 V8

BMW E36 with a M62B44 V8

This BMW E36 was built by Rafał Szymański at his company SR Garage in Żarowo, Konin, Poland. They replaced the factory 2.8 L M52B28 inline-six with a rebuilt 4.4 L M62B44 V8 fed by a BMW E39 540 fuel pump. The drivetrain consists of a ZF S6-53 (BMW 3.0d) six-speed manual transmission with a welded … Read more