Golf with Two VR6 Engines Races

VW Golf with Two VR6 Engines

It’s been several months since our last article on the incredible R58VRT Golf. Since then the Golf competed in a half-mile top speed and drag racing. For those unfamiliar with the project, it runs a turbocharged VR6 and six-speed transmission in the front and back. The engines make a combined 1,440 horsepower to the wheels. … Read more

RWD Golf with a Twin-Turbo V6

RWD Golf with a Twin-Turbo Audi V6

Volkswagen offered several inline-four options in the second generation Golf. However Austen Grice, the owner of this Golf, installed a twin-turbo 2.7 L V6 from an Audi S4 B5. He bought the little RWD car to Dakota Raceway’s “Drag and Drift” at Smeatharpe Airfield in Devon, England. There Austen was testing the engine with a … Read more

Rallye Golf with a 3.2 L VR6

Rallye Golf with a Mk5 3.2 L VR6 and 4motion 4WD

When this Rallye Golf rolled out of the factory is was powered by a supercharged 1763 cc inline-four to meet homologation rules. Fast forward several decades and the Spanish owner requested Biox Performance install a complete R32 Mk5 powertrain. The compact car is now powered by a 3.2 L VR6, six-speed DSG transmission, and 4Motion … Read more

Golf R Mk7 with a 2.5 L TFSI Inline-Five

Golf R Mk7 with a 2.5 L TFSI Inline-Five

This VW Golf R Mk7 was built by MTR Performance and Sar-Turbotechnik in Germany. They replaced the factory turbocharged 2.0 L FSI inline-four with a 2.5 L TFSI inline-five from an Audi RS3. The inline-five produces 591 horsepower (600 PS) and 516 lb-ft (700 Nm) of torque thanks to a TTE625 turbocharger kit. Power goes … Read more

Restoring Volkswagen’s Pikes Peak Twin-Engine Golf

VW Pikes Peak Twin-Engine Golf

The last time Volkswagen officially raced Pikes Peak was in 1987 when they entered their twin-engine Golf Mk2. Volkswagen recently restored the twin-engine Golf to celebrate the company’s return to Pikes Peak 2018. A talented team led by design engineer Kurt Bergmann built the Golf in six months. The job of restoring the race car … Read more