NASCAR Truck with a Honda K24 Inline-Four

NASCAR Truck with a Honda K24 inline-four

Brent Leivestad and his team from PFI Speed purchased a NASCAR Pro Truck from Chuck Taylor last year for a new project build. The truck sits on a perimeter-style tubular chassis with adjustable coilovers and a Winters quick-change rear end. The goal is to get the truck running with a Honda K24 inline-four connected to … Read more

Jim Wolf Technology’s Naturally Aspirated 4.2 L VQ35 V6

Speed Academy stopped by OnPoint Dyno to talk with owner Sasha Anis about the new naturally aspirated 4.2 L VQ-series V6 built for his Nissan 350Z race car. The engine was built by Jim Wolf Technology who specialize in Nissan racing engines with a goal of making 450-500 horsepower to the wheels. The engine features … Read more

Hartley Superstock 1UZ V8

Hartley Superstock 1UZ V8

Hartley Engines recently shared photos of a freshly built Toyota 1UZ-FE V8 intended for New Zealand Superstock Championship dirt track racing. Rules limit V8 engines to a maximum displacement of 248 ci (4.06 L) with an estimated output around 500 horsepower. Hartley’s 1UZ engine features CNC machined block, CNC ported cylinder heads, forged connecting rods, … Read more

Sixteen Power’s V16 Makes 1159 hp

Sixteen Power LSx V16 on Katech dyno

Sixteen Power is a company in Detroit, Michigan building a 14.0 L V16 based on LSx architecture for Marine applications. The company partnered with Katech to develop and test the custom V16 engine. The company recently released a video showing the V16 in Katech’s dyne room for durability testing. Watch as the naturally aspirated V16 … Read more

Katech Pushes a Twin-Turbo LT5 V8 to 1486 hp

Katech twin-turbo LT5 V8

Katech is back with an update on their LT5 build series. They showed the LT5 V8 making 1,013 hp and 1,011 lb-ft of torque in a previous update. This time around the company replaced the supercharger with a Hellion twin-turbo kit, Turbosmart boost controller, and wastegate. They also ported the head and the engine made … Read more

Ford Debuts New 7.3 L Pushrod Big-Block V8

Ford Godzilla 7.3 L Pushrod Big-Block V8

Ford debuted their new 7.3 L (445 ci) V8 for the 2020 F-Series Super Duty trucks. The engine features iron block with a new cam-in-block, overhead valve architecture, forged steel crank, four-bolt mains, variable valve timing, port injection, and variable-displacement oil pump. No word on engine’s horsepower or torque output. Source: Ford Media and EngineLabs … Read more