Lotus Elise with a Turbo Honda K20

Lotus Elise with a turbo Honda K20 inline-four

This Lotus Elise S2 was built by owner Anton Geshelin for circuit racing. The 1700 lb race car is powered by a turbocharged Honda K20 inline-four making 541 hp and 435 lb-ft of torque to the wheels. The engine sits on SunSpeed engine mounts and features 4Piston 154 head, Armstrong Race Engineering dry sump, electric … Read more

Lotus Elise with a Hartley V8

Michl Motorsport Lotus Elise with a Hartley V8

This Lotus Elise is piloted by Dan Michl of Michl Motorsport in hill climb competition. The very light 1,650 lb race car is propelled thanks to a Hartley 2.8 L V8 which produces 450 horsepower at 10,000 rpm. You might remember this is the custom DOHC engine that uses two Suzuki Hayabusa heads. Hartley no … Read more

Lotus Elise with a Turbo Hayabusa Motor

This is ZCars’ Lotus Elise development car. It was used to design a kit to run a Hayabusa engine in the Elise. The engine has been upgraded to handle 250 horsepower and is controlled by a DTA S60 ECU. Gear shifts are controlled by ZCars’ proprietary drive box with LSD. Since the engine combo is … Read more