GT-R Crashes in USA: So Begins the Engine Hunt

No doubt modders have been daydreaming of using the powerful 3.8L twin-turbo VR38DETT in all kinds of cars since it was announced. Jalopnik has confirmed what appears to be the first GT-R crash in the United States. Unfortunately due to the power of this beast we are going to see more boo-boos resulting in some … Read more

Tour of Ford’s EcoBoost V6 at SVT

Jalopnik has a good article written by engine geek Ben Wojdyla talking about the finer details of Ford’s EcoBoost V6. He talks about the advantages of the direct injection and the new exhaust manifold. All these details are very exciting since this engine setup will deliver 340 horsepower and 340 lb-ft torque out of a … Read more

Supercar Engines For Sale

In need of a European supercar engine for your next engine swap? Eurospares is a supercar junk yard of sorts. A quick check shows they currently carry Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati models. In their engine category you can find some seriously expensive engines such as a 2002 360 Modena for around $16,088. Source: Jalopnik

New Saleen 302 Premium Race Motors

Saleen released a press release recently stating it will offer its high performance 302 crate engine. Upgrades include being bored and stroked to 5 liters, bigger injectors, upgraded aluminum heads and pistons, camshafts, connecting rods and crank. Packages are 390 horsepower for the NA version and 580 horsepower for the supercharged version. No word on … Read more

America Makes Worthless Engines?

Or that is at least what 62 motoring journalists from 30 countries has thought since 1999. The International Engine of the Year started in 1999 and votes on the 14 categories including the most coveted category, Engine of the Year. In the past 9 years an American company has made it only twice and both … Read more