Audi Could Use Lambo Factory Swap

I don’t know if this falls under the traditional feeling of a swap seeing as this is factory based but it seems interesting Audi may use the same 5L V10 engine currently used in the Gallardo for its RS 5 model. The Lambo engine is capable of outputting 500 hp. Source: eGM Car Tech

Bentley Swaps First Veyron Engine

(image links to Veyron wiki page) We posed the question a while back and it seems Bentley stepped up to the plate first. There is no confirmation on if this car will be put in production but it seems there will be at least one Arnage using a 1K HP FI engine. I still hold … Read more

Ecotec 750HP Formula

We were able to run across a document detailing GM’s quest to build a 800 HP Ecotec engine published by Turbo & High-tech Perfomance Magazine in March of 2002.. GM assembled a team of engine builders and racers headed by Stephen Bothwell to see if they could reach this high power level with many outsiders … Read more

Aprilia V4 Motorcycle Engine

Aprilia is doing final longevity testing on their new 1.0L V4 motorcycle engine which can produce 220 horsepower. This power level will beat out every other production street bike on earth in HP. The development of this engine came from the street level interest in the MotoGP racing. Most bikes run a V4 engine and … Read more

V8 Swap Overview Article has a good 9 page overview of swapping a Chevy, Ford, or Chrysler engine into older cars. This is in no way a step-by-step guide but it offers a good overview and tips for someone thinking of swapping an engine into another car. It also goes into giving suggestions as to which older cars … Read more