Chrysler Engines Being Sold Off

Mancini Racing is liquidating the assets of one of Chryslers outside engineering facilities. If you are really interested make sure to keep checking back because they will be adding more parts and engines. Here are a few examples 2.2L Turbo Maserati for $7,500 2.4L Turbo & Manifold for $600 426 Hemi Bare block for $2,500 … Read more

9 Vehicles with V10 Viper Swaps

Jalopnik has posted a top 10 list of vehicles with a Viper engine swap. We left one out since it was technically a Viper with a body kit on it. Dodge Ram VTS Dodge Sidewinder Concept Plymouth Barracuda Jeep CJ-7 Dodge Tomahawk Motorcycle Concept Bristol Fighter T Jaguar XJS Sniper Custom PT Cruiser

LS9 Crate Engine

GM Performance Parts is debuting their LS9 crate motor at SEMA 2008. Jalopnik points out the current Z06 engine costs $14K so one can expect to pay more, possible a lot more for this motor. The great thing about this being offered as a crate engine is you no longer have to wait for a … Read more

GT-R Crashes in USA: So Begins the Engine Hunt

No doubt modders have been daydreaming of using the powerful 3.8L twin-turbo VR38DETT in all kinds of cars since it was announced. Jalopnik has confirmed what appears to be the first GT-R crash in the United States. Unfortunately due to the power of this beast we are going to see more boo-boos resulting in some … Read more

Tour of Ford’s EcoBoost V6 at SVT

Jalopnik has a good article written by engine geek Ben Wojdyla talking about the finer details of Ford’s EcoBoost V6. He talks about the advantages of the direct injection and the new exhaust manifold. All these details are very exciting since this engine setup will deliver 340 horsepower and 340 lb-ft torque out of a … Read more