Mazda 323F with a Turbo 1.8 L BP

Mazda 323F with a turbo 1.8 L BP inline-four

The sixth generation Mazda 323F was a five-door hatch produced from 1989-1994 before being replaced by the Lantis. It is called the Familia Astina in Japan and elsewhere the 323F or 323 Astina. This particular 323F is from Poland has been heavily modified by the owner. The engine is a 1.8 L BP inline-four with … Read more

Mazda 323 with a KL-ZE V6

1988 Mazda 323 with a KL-ZE V6

The fifth generation Mazda 323 could only be purchased with an inline-four. The owner of this 1988 323 sedan wanted a few more cylinders so he swapped to a 2.5 L KL-DE V6 from a 1994 Probe GT. He also installed a Mazda 626 engine harness, MAF, and ECU. To keep up with the extra … Read more

Mazda 323 Wagon With A 13B Rotary

The driver of this third-generation Mazda 323 tries his best to keep it straight but the power coming out of the 13B rotary engine is making it very difficult. The engine is a Promaz Racing built Mazda 13B bridgeport running a Garrett GTX42R and using E85 fuel through a MicroTech EFI system. The transmission is … Read more