Alfa Romeo 105 with a Ferrari V8

Alfa Romeo 105 with a 3.6 L Ferrari V8

Jeff Micklem from Home Built By Jeff has been working hard rebuilding an Alfa Romeo 105. One of the most interesting parts of the project is the powertrain. Jeff is installing a 3.6 L F131 V8 from a 2000 Ferrari 360 mated to a six-speed manual transmission from a Subaru BRZ. The engine’s 395 horsepower … Read more

Alfa Romeo 105 With A Nissan SR20

The owner of this amazing Alfa Romeo 105 has built the car of his dreams and I am sure others as well. The biggest modification is the removal of the factory engine and replacing it with a Nissan SR20. The engine has been upgraded with Kelford cams, Garret 28/61 turbocharger and is being controlled by … Read more

Alfa Romeo with Mustang V8 Upsets Carscoop

Alfa Romeo with Mustang V8

Carscoop has plenty to say about this 1975 Alfa Romeo 2000 GT Veloce. They point out the issues with the body modifications and the choice of a Mustang swapped engine. Of course we respect everyone’s opinion and they are entitled to theirs but it seems they missed the point when it comes to these particular … Read more