Honda N600 on a Polaris RZR Chassis

Honda N600 on a Polaris RZR XP 900 chassis

This custom off-road Honda N600 is being built by Hai Tran from RevTech Motorworks in Idaho. The project consists of a 1970 N600 body sitting on a Polaris RZR XP 900 chassis. The RZR chassis comes with a 875 cc two-cylinder that makes 88 horsepower, automatic transmission, and on-demand AWD/2WD drivetrain. Listen as Hai explains … Read more

RWD Honda N600 with a Suzuki Motorcycle Engine

1971 Honda N600 with a Suzuki GSX-R1000 inline-four

This 1971 Honda N600 was built by @brokenleg2013. The body came from a previous owner already chopped and converted into a truck. He built and installed a custom tube chassis with a 4-link rear suspension. In the back sits a 999 cc inline-four from a 2013 Suzuki GSX-R1000 that makes an estimated 200 horsepower. Which … Read more

Honda N600 with a Mid-Engine CBR1000RR Inline-Four

Honda N600 with a Mid-Engine CBR1000RR Inline-Four

Blackbird Fabworx in California are building a 1972 Honda N600 project called “N1000RR”. The car is receiving a full custom chassis and double wishbone suspension. In the back of the car they installed a Honda CBR1000RR inline-four and six-speed transmission. These engines produce around 170 horsepower from the factory which should be plenty in a … Read more

Honda N600 with a Interceptor Motorcyle Engine

Honda N600 with a Honda Interceptor VFR800 Motorcyle Engine

I came across Dean Williams’ Honda N600 project while searching Youtube for engine swap projects in 2014. I always meant to follow up with the project but forgot along the way. I was very excited to see the project again in a recent Speedhunters article. The project started when Dean bought a very straight and … Read more

LeMons Honda N600 With A Saab 900 Powertrain

Honda N600 with turbocharged 2.3 L Saab B234 inline-four

You will find a lot of creative builds in LeMons racing. Part of the fun of the series is building a unique race car. Apathy Racing’s LeMons car is called the Saanda 1500 because it uses a Honda 600 body with a Saab 900 powertrain. The Honda N600 originally came with a 600 cc two-cylinder … Read more