Suzuki Cappuccino with a SR20VE

Suzuki Cappuccino with a 2.0 L SR20VE inline-four

The Suzuki Cappuccino is a small roadster built to qualify as a Kei car. The car came from the factory with a 657 cc (0.7 L) DOHC inline-three that produced 63 horsepower. However this Cappuccino in Poland went to Funo Auto Tuning to have its heart replaced with a 2.0 L Nissan SR20VE inline-four and … Read more

Suzuki Cappuccino with a Turbo Hayabusa Engine

Suzuki Cappuccino with a turbocharged Hayabusa 1.3 L inline-four

This Suzuki Cappuccino came from the factory with a turbocharged 657 cc inline-three that produced only 63 horsepower. Not bad for a car that only weighs 1598 lbs (725 kg) but still not enough to really perform. The owner asked Z-Cars (no longer in business) in the UK to solve the performance issue using one … Read more