1st Gen RX-7 with 1650 Horsepower

This video below shows a first generation RX-7 with a twin turbo 427 cubic inch Nelson Racing built motor swapped under the hood. Watch as it easily smoke the tires whenever it wants using 1,650 horsepower. Source: Over-Boost

For Sale: Widebody RX-7 with LS1

A very nice 1993 Mazda RX-7 with a LS1 / T-56 is up for sale. The car has many upgrades besides the engine swap. The car is $30,000 and located in Florida. Check the source link below for more details. Source: 6SpeedOnline

RX-7 Owner Gets Rip-off Swap

This RX-7 owner wanted a LS6 motor swap but instead got a very expensive lesson. Engine swaps are not cheap so make sure you money is being spent at a knowledgeable shop. Do a little homework on shop’s reputation and quality. Make sure they have completed the exact same swap you want or at least … Read more

1987 RX-7 with Ford V8

Jeff Guillotte is the owner of this 1987 RX-7 swapped the rotary with a 5.0L Ford V8 and a Tremec 3550 transmission. Jeff is a grassroots drifter from San Diego. I don’t have too much performance numbers but I always enjoying seeing the comments when I come across a swap like this. Source: SpeedHunters