Nissan S13 with a 702 hp Turbo Barra Inline-Six

Nissan S13 with a turbo Barra inline-six

Thomas Nyqvist and his Nyqvist Drifting Team compete in the Swedish Drift Championship with their freshly built 1992 Nissan 200SX. Last year the team used a turbocharged 1UZ V8 but suffered engine issues. So for the 2019 season they turned to GZRacing to build and tune a turbocharged 4.0 L Ford Barra inline-six. The engine … Read more

Nissan S13 with a Turbo VG30 V6 Update

Nissan S13 with a Turbo VG30 V6

Danish drifter Anders Scharff is preparing for the Nordic Drift Series 2019 season with some upgrades to his turbo 3.0 L VG30DETT powered Nissan S13 200SX. He sent the car to Søren Heyer at FUBAR Racing for shorter turbo/intercooler piping, larger Mishimoto radiator, custom single intake with Infiniti Q45 90 mm throttle body, and Sparco … Read more

Nissan 180SX with a RB25DET Inline-Six

Nissan S13 with a RB25DET Inline-Six

This Nissan S13 180SX was built by Sam Woo at his company SW-Performance and GNG Motorsport in the Netherlands. Under the hood sits a 2.5 L RB25DET inline-six that makes 690 horsepower and 720 Nm (531 lb-ft) of torque. Watch Sam drift the coupe wrapped in a Rocket Bunny body kit around Modena racetrack. Source: … Read more

Nissan S13 with a SRT-10 V10

Nissan S13 with a SRT-10 V10

Team Driftbandits is a drift team from Sweden consisting of Micke Landgren and his brother Andreas Landgren. Micke drifts a Nissan S14 with a turbo 2JZ inline-six while Andreas uses a Nissan S13 with a 8.3 L V10 from a 2003 Ram SRT-10. The engine makes 459 horsepower and 518 lb-ft (703 Nm) of torque … Read more