First Time Engine Swap Tips

I came across a decent article from Torque Cars dealing with some of the issues and concerns someone might have when considering their first swap. This article includes tips on budgeting, breaking in the new engine, and good general tips that is worth reading. Be sure to check out some of Torque Cars other articles.

Supercar Engines For Sale

In need of a European supercar engine for your next engine swap? Eurospares is a supercar junk yard of sorts. A quick check shows they currently carry Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati models. In their engine category you can find some seriously expensive engines such as a 2002 360 Modena for around $16,088. Source: Jalopnik

B18C Mini

Found at HKS’s 35th birthday was a British Motor Company Mini with some swapped Honda power. Sitting in the back is a Honda B18C engine with individual throttle bodies. Obviously the car has been switched to rear wheel drive for engine postion. JPCNews reports that it has a HKS F-Con V Pro, Spoon suspension products, … Read more

1966 Citroen Meets Bowtie Power

This swap is proof you are only limited by your budget, time and imagination. Jeff Meyer really thought outside the box using a French built front wheel drive 1966 Citroen ID19 as a basis for his swap. It seems the body was about the only thing still French on the car. The driveline has been … Read more