Building a Nissan 300ZX with a 1UZ V8 for Pikes Peak

Nissan 300ZX with a 1UZ V8

This 1986 Nissan 300ZX is being built by Cameron Harris at his company Pucker Factory Fabrication in Winter Haven, Florida to race at Pikes Peak. He’s converting the coupe into a full-time race car thanks to a custom tube chassis with Nissan S13 rear subframe and suspension. Power will come from a Toyota 1UZ V8 … Read more


Nissan 300ZX with a Ford 5.0 L V8

1984 Nissan 300ZX with a Ford 5.0 L V8

Joshua Hamby from Joshua Hamby Racing is turning a 1984 Nissan 300ZX into a street and drift machine. He plans on accomplishing this by replacing the factory V6 and transmission with a 5.0 L V8 from a Ford Explorer connected to a T5 five-speed manual. He is rebuilding the engine with cleaned GT40 heads, Ford … Read more

1990 Nissan 300ZX with a Twin-Turbo VG30DETT V6

1990 Nissan 300ZX with a twin-turbo VG30DETT V6

This 1990 Nissan 300ZX was built by Fever Racing in Tampa, Florida. The company removed the factory naturally-aspirated 3.0 L VG30DE V6 and installed a 3.0 L VG30DETT V6 from Japan. They upgraded the engine with was 550 cc injectors and two Garrett GT2560R turbochargers. The combination produced 420 horsepower to the wheels on 18 … Read more

Nissan 300ZX with Twin-Turbo LS3

1991 Nissan 300ZX with Twin-Turbo LS3 V8

For the past two years this 1991 300ZX TT was transformed into a monster with four-digit power. After the 3.0 L VG30DETT V6 went bad, the owner decided to go in a different direction. They built and installed a 6.2 L LS3 V8 using a LOJ Innovations swap kit. The engine features a bored and … Read more

Nissan 300ZX with Skyline RB26DETT

Russ Tennyson decided to keep it all in the family when he choose the RB26DETT to swap into his 1990 Nissan 300ZX. The engine was built and installed by MA-Motorsports and was switched to a single Garrett GT35R turbocharger. At 14 psi the car dynoed at 426 horsepower. Other upgrades include a JUN crankshaft, JUN … Read more