Torture Tested EcoBoost V6 Teardown

Ford recently disassembled their torture tested Ecoboost V6 for the whole world to see. Ford claimed to have randomly selected the engine from the assembly line for the torture test. It began with a simulated 150,000 miles on a dyno. After that it was put into a Ford truck to pull a total of 110,000 … Read more

Huge V24 Semi Truck Engine on Dyno

We missed this article when it first came out but we still wanted to post it because of how crazy it is. The video below is a Detroit Diesel V24 engine with 12 super chargers. I believe only four of the superchargers actually work. The rest are for show. Autoblog quoted 3,424 horsepower and over … Read more

Drift Ferrari with a 1000 HP BMW V8

Drift Ferrari with a BMW V8

Out of Sweden comes a unique Ferrari 550 being built by SVK Customs for drifting. The BMW V8 engine is using steel cylinder liners and will be supercharged. The builder claims the engine will be north of 1,000 horsepower. The Ferrari widebody will measure 86 inches wide and be all carbon fiber. It sounds as … Read more

For Sale: Complete S15 Drivetrain

If someone is looking for a complete turbocharged SR engine swap with a six-speed transmission you are in luck. A member over at Zilvia is selling the $19,000 entire drivetrain for $11,000. If no buyer steps forward after two months the owner plans on parting out the drivetrain. Source: Zilvia