Jeff Hanson’s 1969 Camaro

Lateral-G’s April Car of the Month was Jeff Hanson’s incredible 1969 Pro-Touring Camaro. Most of this car has been upgraded with just about everything Detroit Speed & Engineering has to offer stuffed into it. Jeff swapped an LS7 with a Katech Cam Kit, headers, and a custom dry sump oil system. Of course a T56 … Read more

LS9 Swap Potential?

Well it has been a while but GM has finally released details on the ZR1 Corvette with the new supercharged LS9. Since the engine wall has been strengthened the LS9 engine could preform better then previous LSx models for turbocharging. Tech sheets show it is 20% stronger then the LS3 engine. I am sure many … Read more

Datsun 240Z with L28ET has just published another great article on Austin Hoke’s 1971 Datsun 240Z with a L28ET swap. The L28ET engine out of his previous ride, a 260Z, which was involved in a decent accident. He also upgraded just about everything else on the car including the Z32 five speed transmission and clutch. Along with the … Read more

Hayabusa Powered Go-Kart

Take a Hayabusa 1300cc engine and put it a couple of inches off the ground on a go-kart chassis and you get something really fast. Depending on what year this engine is it has 151 hp – 171hp. I don’t know what the weight of this go-kart is but I would assume it has a … Read more

Engine Swaps Are Green? has posted an article about Engine RePower, a site which advocates swapping an engine instead of buying a new car to reduce the amount of energy used to recycle your old car (because of blown engine). I do not know enough about the recycling procedures for current cars so I am unable to say … Read more

Dodge Caravan with a Helicopter Turboshaft

Dodge Caravan with a Helicopter Turboshaft

I doubt you can fit many groceries in the back of this Caravan anymore or any you don’t want toasted. Sitting behind the driver is a Rolls Royce Nimbus 105 that produces around 1,000 horsepower at 2100 rpm. You might think the propulsion is from the exhaust but this is a shaft driven turbine. So … Read more