AWD Polo RSR with a 980 hp Turbo Audi V6

Dahlbäck Racing built the “Polo RSR” in 2012 at their company in Borlänge, Sweden. They built the car using a carbon fiber body sitting on a custom tubular chassis. It rides on KY Competition adjustable coilovers with Audi RS2 brakes in front and Audi RS6 brakes in back. It’s powered by a turbocharged 2.7 L … Read more

Don Octane’s AWD Polo Goes 8.048

VW Polo with a Turbo 3.0 L VR6

Don Octane just set a new German AWD quarter-mile record in their AWD Polo. The modified Polo set the record with a 8.048 sec at 275.512 km/h (171.195 mph). It’s able to reach this level of performance thanks to a built 3.0 L VR6 that makes 1,280 horsepower and 817 lb-ft of torque and sends … Read more

AWD Polo with a Turbo VR6

VW Polo AWD with a Turbo 3.0 L VR6

Don Octane in Germany holds the record for fastest AWD in Germany and fastest AWD with a VW engine in the world. They achieved their records in a very powerful VW Polo. The car runs a built 3.0 L VR6 that uses a 3.2 L block and forged 2.8 L crank. The engine produces 1280 … Read more