Scion FRS with a Supercharged K24 – Part 1

Toyota 86 with a Honda K24

A friend of CZero Media is taking his Scion FRS with some light performance mods and installing a 2.4 L Honda K24 inline-four. The owner was thinking about supercharging the factory motor but decided to use a K-series because it would provide more power and dependability. Plus the owner just loves the K-series engines. Follow … Read more

Toyota 86 with a 1,800 HP 1FZ-FE

Toyota 86 with a Turbo 1FZ-FE I6

This Toyota 86 was built for Boosted 86 Racing and driver Nikki Hepburn to dominate at the drag strip. The engine is a 4.5 L 1FZ-FE inline-six that was de-stroked to 4.0 L and built by JW Automotive. It produces 1,800 horsepower thanks to a Link Thunder ECU and Garrett GTX55 turbo. All that power … Read more

Toyota 86 with a VQ37

Toyota 86 with a Nissan VQ37 V6

This Toyota 86 was built by Josh Coote from MCA Suspension in Brisbane, Australia. Josh built the car to compete in World Time Attack. He originally was going to turbocharge the factory motor but decided he preferred a naturally aspirated engine. The team settled on a 3.7 L VQ37 V6 from a Nissan 370Z. The … Read more