Grand National with a Turbo 4.3 L Ecotec V6

Grand National with a turbocharged 4.3 L Ecotec V6

Jeff and Dan Jost from Jost Boosted Performance enjoy building hot rods with a lot of power as a hobby. So when the factory turbocharged 3.8 L V6 (LC2) in their Buick Grand National suffered a catastrophic failure, there was nothing holding them back from rebuilding the car the way they wanted. The team started … Read more

Duramax in a Buick Grand National

This Buick Grand National has been swapped with a Duramax. The main forum topic on the car states it does a 1/8 mile drag in 8.258 secs @ 84.81mph. Jalopnik’s article asks why would a person do such a swap while also linking to the much debated article “truth about diesels“. If the creator is … Read more