Mini Cooper S with a Hyundai Turbo 1.6 L Inline-Four

Mini Cooper S with a Hyundai turbo 1.6 L inline-four

This Mini Cooper S (R53 2001–2006) came from the factory with a supercharged 1.6 L Tritec inline-four that made 160-168 hp and 155-162 lb-ft of torque connected to a Getrag G285 six-speed manual transmission. However owner JeonJin Kang replaced the factory powertrain with a turbocharged 1.6 L Gamma T-GDI (G4FJ) inline-four and Hyundai six-speed manual … Read more

Mini with a Turbo 4A-GE

1976 Mini with a turbo 4A-GE inline-four

Hayden Gare competes in New Zealand’s GTRNZ race series driving a 1976 Mini in the GT3 class. The 700 kg (1543 lb) race car is powered by 1.6 L 4A-GE 16v inline-four that makes 350 horsepower at 8,800 rpm on E85 fuel. The engine features a Garrett GT2860RS turbocharger, Kelford cams, CP 12:1 pistons, MRP … Read more

Mini with a Turbo 1.0 L EcoBoost Inline-Three

Mini with a EcoBoost Turbo Inline-Three

This classic Mini was built by Restomod Classic in Madrid, Spain. The company spent almost two years and 4,000 hours engineering the engine swap parts and building what they call the Mini Evolution. Under the hood sits a turbocharged 1.0 L EcoBoost Fox inline-three connected to a Ford IB5 five-speed manual transmission. They use engines … Read more

Project Binky Episode 17

Project Binky Mini with a Celica AWD swap episode 17

Bad Obsession Motorsport is back with another episode on their Project Binky. It has been seven months since we last saw the team working on the modified Mini with a Toyota Celica GT-Four powertrain. In this episode they finished the HVAC system. Source: Bad Obsession Motorsport

RWD 1975 Mini with a J32 V6

RWD 1975 Mini with a J32 V6

Russ Foust purchased a 1975 Mini 1275 GT with a Vauxhall 2.0 L C20XE inline-four. The combination made for a very fun drive however the inline-four didn’t have enough power for the straights on track day. So he contacted Mini Tech and received one of their Midi kits that converts a Mini to RWD using … Read more

AWD Mini with a K20 Inline-Four

Mini with a K20 inline-four and CR-V AWD drivetrain

Maddog Customs in Wangara, Western Australia is building this unique Mini for a lucky customer. The owner purchased the Mini as their first car in 2000. The Mini received a built 1100 cc A-Series with a mild camshaft in 2006. However in 2012 the Mini went through a huge transformation. They cut off the front … Read more