JTR V8 Swap Conversion Kits

JTR (stands for jaguars that run) started off fitting Chevy V8 engines into Jaguars and publishing a manual on how to do the swap. They also went on to offer swap manuals for the Datsun Z, the Volvo 200 and 700 Series, and the Chevrolet S-10. Their manuals take you step by step through the … Read more

Greddy Turbo Install on RSX-S

Ironraven over at HondaSwap.com has posted a very detailed turbo install guide for his 2002 RSX-S. Ironraven included around 76 pics of his install with many having explanations detailing particular steps. There is so much detail we just couldn’t let this go by without passing it along. For anyone about to do a turbo install … Read more


BBS has just added a new wheel to their Gold series called the LM-R. The main difference is this uses their patented “back milling” process to remove excess material from within the spoke edge. The idea being it makes the spoke a kind of I-beam; sort of like those used in buildings. This allows for … Read more

Turbo Calculations

While searching for turbo calculations I came across a good article written by Aaron Bonk over at Hondatuningmagazine.com. He talks about realistic predictions and expectations for turbo charging. He explains issues such as compressor sizing, surge, trim, and turbines. The calculations are on page 3 of the article. Also to find compressor maps just do … Read more