1973 Ford Cortina with a Turbo Barra

1973 Ford Cortina with a turbo Barra inline-six

Greg Bowden turned a 1973 Ford Cortina TC originally used for parts into an amazing race car capable of competing at the track, hill climb, or dragstrip. Under the fiberglass hood sits a Ford turbocharged Barra inline-six making 408 kW (547 hp) to wheels on 14 psi from a GT35/40 turbocharger. The engine features Plazmaman … Read more

Ford Cortina with a Chevy V8

Ford Cortina with a Chevy V8

The Swedish owner of this 1969 Ford Cortina decided to go away from Ford power. Instead they went with a built Chevy 350 ci V8 that makes close to 420 horsepower. The engine features roller rockers, porter heads, and Holley 700 cfm carburetor. The transmission is a Muncie four-speed manual connected to shortened Ford 8-inch … Read more

Ford Cortina with a Twin-Charged V8

Ford Cortina with a supercharged and twin-turbo V8

This Ford Cortina might have rolled off the assembly line with an inline-six but owner Ben Bolton wanted something a bit more powerful. Between the front wheels sits a 393 ci Cleveland V8 with two GT45 turbochargers and a 6-71 supercharger. No word on the power output but at 69 psi of boost it must … Read more

1974 Cortina with a Turbo Barra

1974 Ford Cortina with a Turbo Barra Inline-Six

This 1974 Ford Cortina is powered by a 4.0 L Ford Barra inline-six built by a Race-EFI and tuned by Casey Automotive in Australia. The engine features a stock bottom end, Crow valve springs, Falcon FG camshafts, and Garrett GTX35R turbocharger. It produces 584 horsepower (436 kW) to the wheels on E85 fuel through 1150 … Read more

For Sale: 1966 Ford Cortina with a 302 V8

1966 Ford Cortina with a 302 ci V8

This 1966 Ford Cortina is for sale in Menifee, California with an asking price of $16,500. The factory engine has been replaced with a rebuilt Ford 302 ci V8 with a TrickFlow Stage 1 camshaft, Scorpion roller rockers, Cobra heads, Edelbrock intake and carburetor. Behind that sits a T5 five-speed manual transmission with new flywheel … Read more

1968 Cortina With A Modern Ford V6

If you have been looking for something to stand out on track day this might be the car for you. For sale is a 1968 Ford Cortina that has been restored to look like a 1970’s British saloon race car. The engine is a 205 horsepower Ford V6 out of a 1990’s German Ford. Not … Read more