1930 Ford Model A with a 401 ci Buick V8

1930 Ford Model A with a 401 ci Buick V8

This 1930 Ford Model A is owned by Gavin Meanley in the UK. The hot rod features a 401 ci Buick Nailhead V8 with three Rochester carburetors on an Eelco intake. The V8’s 300 horsepower is sent through an automatic transmission to a Ford 8-inch rear end with limited-slip differential. You can view more photos … Read more

1931 Model A with a Supercharged Coyote V8

1931 Ford Model A with a supercharged Coyote V8

This 1931 Ford Model A was built by owner Mike Burroughs. You might remember Mike’s previous creations such as Rusty Slammington. This project starts with a Model A body riding on a custom 2×3 tubular chassis with custom double A-arm front suspension and triangulated 4-link rear suspension with H&R coilovers. The engine is a 5.0 … Read more

Ford Model A with a S2000 Powertrain Update

Ford Model A with a Honda S2000 Powertrain

We shared James Schwartz‘s custom Model A project in 2015. He made it using Model A body on a custom tube chassis with a Honda S2000 F20C inline-four and six-speed manual transmission. James sold the project in 2015 and then it was sold again to Ricky Boada in 2017. While in Ricky’s procession he modified … Read more