Ford Ranger 4×4 with a Cummins 4BT Diesel Inline-Four

Ford Ranger 4x4 with a Cummins 4BT

When Zach Jeffers set out to build a truck, he wanted something really different. He had seen Ford Rangers with diesel swaps or with a dually setups but never one that would combine them with a 1-ton drivetrain. Zach started with a 1994 Ford Ranger frame that he cleaned up and prepared for the list … Read more


1988 Ford Ranger with a RB20DET

1988 Ford Ranger with a RB20DET

Jesse Davis took the engine from a 1988 Ford Ranger to use in another project. After that the truck sat for a year until he made a deal with a good friend to buy it but only if Jesse swapped a non-factory motor in it. The group decided to buy a Nissan RB20DET and factory … Read more

Ford Ranger With Supercharged Toyota V8

Travis Doherty‚Äôs Ford Ranger desert truck runs a Toyota 1UZ-FE engine from a 1990 Lexus LS400. When Travis needed more power he turned to NS Fabrication. Because of space limitations and low-end torque requirement, they decided to go with a Eaton M122 supercharger from a Shelby GT500. The engine was kept mostly stock except a … Read more

1983 Ford Ranger with a Twin-turbo 427 Windsor

Eric Olson has been racing his 1983 Ford Ranger for many years. Over that time he has slowly upgraded the truck while lowering his quarter-mile times. The Ranger currently runs a 427 ci Windsor V8 with Trick Flow heads, C+S blow through carb, Ford 9″ rearend, and rear leaf suspension. The engine is fed by … Read more

Project Rolling Thunder

Spike’s Trucks has a series of shows dedicated to swapping a Ford 4.6 L V8 into a 2001 Ranger. It appears they are using a Mazda B-series truck but both should be identical. They are going for a mini version of the Ford Lightning. The show airs on Saturday and Sunday Noon E/P (United States). … Read more