General Mayhem gets a New Hellcat Heart

Roadkill General Mayhem 1968 Charger with a 6.2 L supercharged Hellcat V8

A year ago the Roadkill team told Dodge President Tim Kuniskis they wanted to be the first to swap a Hellcat V8 into a classic muscle car. Tim told them he never thought they would be able to do it due to the complex electrical system. The system included several computers that all talked to … Read more

Dodge Charger with a Viper V10

2012 Dodge Charger Juiced with a Viper V10

Dodge is finally selling the Charger SRT in 2015 with a 707 horsepower 6.2 L Hellcat V8. Just as wild but much more rare was the Dodge Charger Juiced which debuted at SEMA 2012. The car started life as a 2012 Charger R/T that Mopar took off the factory floor and replaced its 5.7 L … Read more

2006 Dodge Charger with a Cummins 6BT Inline-Six

2006 Dodge Charger with a Cummins 6BT

Nathan Mueller was looking to build his next diesel project after selling his 1960 Cadillac de Ville powered by a 5.9 Cummins with a NV4500 five-speed transmission. Nathan was still after big diesel torque but wanted the recipient to be a little younger with modern interior comforts. After searching for a while Nathan had found … Read more

Update On Maximus: The 2000 Horsepower Dodge Charger

Nelson Racing just posted a video update on the custom 1968 Dodge Charger called Maximus. If you remember from our previous article it was built by Scott Spock Racing and Nelson Racing Engines. The twin-turbo 9.4L HEMI V8 is able to produce power from 600 up to 2,000 horsepower. It currently is being used in … Read more

1122 Horsepower Twin-turbo Viper V10 On The Dyno

Nelson Racing Engines posted a video of a twin-turbo Viper V10 they built being tested on a dyno. The engine is going into a 1969 Dodge Charger being built by the Roadster Shop and makes 1,122 horsepower and 1084 ft-lb of torque on 12.9 psi of boost. Source: Nelson Racing Engines’s Youtube channel