Building A Turbo LSx Powered RWD Civic

Many builders find their projects take a different direction at some point during the build. This project started off using a turbo J32A2 and keep it FWD. Then late one night they decided to switch it to RWD and use a Fox front suspension and same turbo V6 engine but switch to a TH400 transmission. … Read more


For Sale: AWD Turbo Civic

If you have always dreamed of Honda’s version of a WRX here is your chance. Someone on Honda-Tech has built a very clean version and will sell it to you for $12,500. Engine Specs 440 WHP, tuned by scotty at mainstream performance, GSR block with type r head… the short block has been line honed, … Read more

Honda Civic with 2,200 Horsepower V8

I just found this video while wandering around on youtube. It shows a heavily modified Honda Civic with a 454 LSX V8. The owner claims the motor is good for 800 horsepower by itself and with the nitrous, he estimates 2,200 horsepower. The plan is to drag, drift and autocross this monster soon. Can’t wait … Read more

Twin Turbo Powerstroke Honda Civic

twin turbo powerstroke diesel honda civic

This is a few years old but I had to post it when I recently stumbled on it. You are looking at a Honda Civic hatchback with a twin-turbo 6.0L Powerstroke Diesel V8 taking absolutely all the space between the front wheels. I am pretty sure this Civic is not running any air conditioning. If … Read more