2003 Mercedes CLK with a Turbo M104 Inline-Six

2003 Mercedes CLK with a turbo M104 inline-six

Team Lovetap is a Swedish drift team started by driver and fabricator Mårten Stångberg. The team also includes mechanics Christopher Reinholdsson, Robin Carlsson, Stefan Engström, Jesper Jumisko, Edvin Olsson, Joel Haglund, and media/spotter Sebastian Simonsson. Mårten competes in a special 2003 Mercedes CLK we first covered in 2015. Since then the car has seen a … Read more

Mercedes CLK with a Twin-Turbo RB20 Inline-Six

Mercedes CLK with a Twin-Turbo RB20 inline-six

When this 2000 Mercedes CLK 230 rolled out of the factory it came with a supercharged 2.3 L M111.974 inline-four and five-speed automatic transmission. However Gerald Roche had plans to drift in the car and would go in a different direction with the powertrain. The engine was replaced with a 2.0 L RB20 inline-six connected … Read more

2003 Mercedes CLK with a C36 AMG Engine

2003 Mercedes CLK with a M104.941 AMG engine

Team Lovetap is a drift team that competes in Sweden and several other countries in Europe. Over the past year they have been building a new drift car around a 2003 Mercedes CLK. To power the car the team choose a 3.6 L Mercedes M104.941 inline-six from a C36 AMG. They upgraded the engine with … Read more