Red Devil 1969 Camaro with LS9 V8

Red Devil 1969 Camaro with supercharged LS9 V8

Mark Stielow calls this 1969 Camaro the Red Devil because of the red paint and the 427 ci LS9 V8 sitting under the hood. The engine is built by Thomas Automotive and produces 762 horsepower and 800 lb-ft of torque. The monster motor is able to propel the Camaro 0-60 mph in 3.29 seconds and … Read more


Silverado with LS7 Corvette Motor

Ford Lighting and Dodge SRT10 owners now have to worry about a truck with bowtie power catching them. A performace shop out of Houston called Fastlane has taken a Silverado and swapped a Corvette LS7 motor under the hood. The swap includes the 500 horsepower engine, a Baer brake kit upgrade, four-link suspension, some body … Read more

1969 Camaro with 707 Cubic Inch Motor

This is a very unique 1969 Camaro built by Carlevale Custom Cars. Not only does it have a huge motor but also has a transmission rarely seen on a street car. Under the hood you will a 707 cubic inch V8 taking up all the space. The engine is constructed by a Donovan block and … Read more

1968 Nova with LS1 for Sale

A member over at is selling his 1968 Nova for $26,900. The car has a 450 horsepower LS1 and does 11.6 second runs down the quarter mile. If you are interested head over to his sale thread to read about all the over upgrades.

1963 Nova Wagon with LS3

The Cota Brothers have recently completed installation of a LS3 in a 1963 Nova Wagon. The stock clip and steering box was used as well as equal length headers and power brakes. No sheet metal was cut to install motor or 4l65E transmission. All together the Nova weighs 2985 pounds. Without a tune the motor … Read more