Chrysler 300 SRT-8 with a Twin-Turbo 6.2 L HEMI V8

Chrysler 300 SRT-8 with a twin-turbo Hellcat V8

This 2014 Chrysler 300 SRT-8 came from the factory with a 6.4 L HEMI V8 that made 470 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque. However the owner replaced it with a twin-turbo 6.2 L HEMI V8 that makes 1000 horsepower on E85 fuel. The engine features a A2Speed Hellcat short-block and Hellion twin-turbo system using … Read more

1977 Valiant CL with a Viper V10

1977 Chrysler Valiant CL with a Viper V10

Kosta Contis purchased this 1977 Chrysler Valiant Utility (CL) to serve as a work vehicle. After many years of dependable service hauling supplies Kosta decided to turn it into something special. Out went the factory 318 ci V8 and in went a 8.3 L V10 from a Gen 3 Dodge Viper. The V10 makes 550 … Read more

Chrysler 300 with a Viper V10

1962 Chrysler 300 with a Viper V10

This 1962 Chrysler 300 was built by Classic Car Studio in St. Louis, Missouri. Lead fabricator Scott France spent a lot of time cutting and fabricating new metal to turn this classic into a serious performer. Under the hood sits a 2nd Gen (SR II) 8.0 L Viper V10 which produces 450 hp (340 kW) … Read more

1955 Chrysler 300 with a 426 HEMI

1955 Chrysler 300 with a 426 ci Gen 3 HEMI V8

The Roadster Shop took the wraps off one of their newest completed projects, a 1955 Chrysler 300. The car sits on a modified FAST TRACK chassis which includes an IFS and four-link rear suspension with upgraded Baer brakes. Under the hood they installed a 6.4 L Gen 3 HEMI V8 which was increased to 426 … Read more