Volvo 244 With A Toyota 1UZ-FE V8

Peter from SwapBlogRU posted a video update on his “Volvexus” project car. Someone had already swapped the factory 90 horsepower 2.4 L diesel engine out of the 1979 Volvo 244GL for a Toyota 1UZ-FE V8 when Peter purchased it. He estimated it would take one month to work out a few of the issues after … Read more


Rudezon Is A Two-stroke V8 Powered Volvo Amazon

Someone in Sweden is building a Volvo Amazon on a full tube frame and powering it with a two-stroke Evinrude 300XP V8. The exhaust wasn’t built that way just to look wild (which it does). Each tube contains an expansion chamber which helps increase power by improving volumetric efficiency. This will be a very fun … Read more

Volvo 242DL Powered By A Gen3 Viper V10

Joachim Muri originally wanted to build a MK2 Golf but changed his mind after driving a friend’s Volvo 244. Soon after that he found his very own 1978 Volvo 242DL. His first engine swap was a 383 ci Chevy V8. It provided the Volvo with enough power for Joachim to enjoy but he eventually grew … Read more

Volvo Amazon 121 GTR

Erik Hansson with the help of his sons took a Volvo Amazon 121 and turned it into something that could be considered a new car at least in America where very few Amazon’s exist. It took about five years and has about 10,000 hours in it. It features a Volvo B230 engine stroked to 3.0L … Read more

Four-rotor Volvo 142

Tony Tegheim at Mooseville Performance in Sweden is building a custom tube chassis Volvo 142 with a Mazda four-rotor engine. This guy sure knows his way around rotary engines. For proof check out the build gallery or the 37 page build thread. You really need to go through most of the pages to get a … Read more