BMW E30 with a Supercharged M62

BMW E30 with a supercharged M62 V8

Piloting this BMW E30 is German professional drifter Gerson Junginger. Long gone is the inline-four or inline-six and instead sits a 4.4 L M62 V8 with an Eaton supercharger taken off a Jaguar engine. Together they make a quite a bit of noise and power. The V8 produces 571 horsepower and 700 lb-ft (950 Nm) … Read more

BMW E30 Wagon with a M60 V8

BMW E30 wagon with a 4.0 L M60 V8

For the past two years Dean Ford has been converting his BMW E30 wagon into a drift machine. The factory engine was thrown out for a 4.0 L M60B40 V8 which produces about 300 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque. The drivetrain has been replaced with a BMW 740 E38 six-speed manual transmission, Garagistic driveshaft … Read more

BMW E30 with a Supercharged V12

BMW E30 with a 5.4 L M73 V12

Bartosz Pelka is part of the Turbo Expert Drift Team in Poland. He competes in a BMW E30 that had its factory 2.0 L M20B20 inline-six replaced by a 5.4 L M73B54 V12. The engine’s power has increased to 501 horsepower and 652 Nm (480 lb-ft) by adding a Vortech v4 supercharger and EMU ECU. … Read more

BMW E30 with a M60 V8

1989 BMW E30 with a M60 V8

Griot’s Garage decided to build a very special detail vehicle for SEMA 2016. The basis for the project is a 1989 BMW E30 touring wagon. Although the wagon is setup to detail other vehicles with a water tank and hose the modification we are most interested in is the power plant. Griot’s Garage had a … Read more

For Sale: BMW E30 with a M62 V8

BMW 318is E30 with a M62B44 V8 and Getrag 420G six-speed transmission

This 1991 BMW 318is is up for sale in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The owner spent 2 years and around 1,000 hours swapping a complete E39 powertrain and getting everything to work properly. Powering the car is a 4.3 L M62B44 V8 and Getrag 420G six-speed manual transmission sourced from a 1997 BMW 540i. The transmission has … Read more

BMW E30 with a Turbo S54

Red Baron Racing BMW E30 with a Turbo S54

This wild 1989 BMW 325i was built by Red Baron Racing in Santa Rosa, California for driver Donovan Brockway to compete in Formula Drift Pro 2. The team just unveiled their new livery which includes a riveted metal look with their mascot flying Snoopy on the roof and doors. Donovan is able to use Snoopy … Read more