Toyota 86 with a VQ37

Toyota 86 with a Nissan VQ37 V6

This Toyota 86 was built by Josh Coote from MCA Suspension in Brisbane, Australia. Josh built the car to compete in World Time Attack. He originally was going to turbocharge the factory motor but decided he preferred a naturally aspirated engine. The team settled on a 3.7 L VQ37 V6 from a Nissan 370Z. The … Read more


Vorshlag LSx Swap Kit for FRS/BRZ

Vorshlag LSx swap kit for Scion FRS and Subaru BRZ

Vorshlag recently announced they have begun fabricating LSx swap parts for the Toyota 86, Scion FRS, and Subaru BRZ. The full list of parts offered include include motor mounts, transmission crossmember, custom Tremec Magnum XL transmission, driveshafts, and clutch hydraulics. If you are interested in purchasing parts Vorshlag’s website will soon be taking orders or … Read more