1985 Ferrari 308 with a 4.8 L V12

1985 Ferrari 308 with a 4.8 L F101 V12

When this 1985 Ferrari 308 GTS QV left the factory it was one of only 233 right-hand drive models. The original owner enjoyed the Metallic Blue Chiaro paint and white leather interior but not the power output of the factory 2.9 L Tipo F105 V8. They had a Nigel Hudson at Nigel Mansell’s Ferrari dealership … Read more


Ferrari 312 Replica with a LSx V8

SVF1 Ferrari 312 Replica with a 6.2 L LSx V8

Scarbo Performance provides engineering, analysis, and manufacturing for the auto racing industry. The company also makes a 1967 Ferrari 312 replica called the SVF1. The replica comes with either a fiberglass, carbon fiber, or aluminum body on a custom spaceframe chassis. Because of this the car even with full powertrain can weigh as little as … Read more

Ferrari F355 with a Flat-12

Ferrari F355 with a Flat-12

Tim Eckart enjoys collecting historic automotive diagnostic tools from Bosch. Carefully scanning and collating each page from their manuals requires severe dedication. Probably the same trait that helped him build of the most unique Ferraris around. Ferrari F355s came from the factory with only a V8 and Tim was disappointed about that. Tim is a … Read more

Ferrari F355 with a Twin-turbo BMW V12

Ferrari F355 with a Twin-turbo BMW M73 V12

This unique Ferrari F355 is the creation of a fearless Polish builder. I haven’t found the back story yet but at some point the owner stuffed a 5.4 L BMW M73 V12 in the back along with two turbochargers. Then it was dropped it off at KMS Engine in Henryk√≥w-Urocze, Poland to be finished. There … Read more

The Electric Ferrari

1978 Ferrari 308 GTS with three AC51 HPEVS electric motors

Eric Hutchinson was looking for a vehicle to swap an electric motor into when he came across a listing for a 1978 Ferrari 308 GTS with a salvaged title. The Ferrari had suffering a fuel leak and unfortunately caught fire. This was a perfect candidate because he wouldn’t be modifying an original and it would … Read more

Ferrari 400i with a LT1

Ferrari 400i with a 5.7 L LT1 V8

I came across this listing from Barrett-Jackson’s Las Vegas 2015 auction while researching. Up for sale was a 1985 Ferrari 400i powered by a 5.7 L LT1 V8. Also sourced from a Corvette is the four-speed automatic transmission and suspension. The car was built by Roselli Foreign Car Repair in San Jose, California. It sold … Read more