Opel Kadett with a Turbo J35

1979 Opel Kadett with a Turbo J35 V6

This 1979 Opel Kadett was built by OakHeart Racing in Hokksund, Norway. The small coupe was powered by a turbocharged Volvo inline-four for several years. However the owner took it back to OakHeart Racing to install a 3.5 L Honda J35A3 V6 with a BorgWarner 42 mm turbocharger connected to a BMW 530D manual transmission … Read more


Opel Kadett with a Turbo M50

1967 Opel Kadett with a turbo M50 inline-six

This 1967 Opel Kadett B was built for Marcin Wittchen to compete in drifting in Poland. It rides on a custom chassis with brakes and suspension sourced from a Mazda MX-5 NC. Power comes from a BMW M50B25 inline-six stroked and bored to 2.9 liters. The engine features head porting, Garrett GT3076 turbocharger, and controlled … Read more

1970 Opel GT with a LSx

1970 Opel GT with a 6.0 L LSx

This 1970 Opel GT which is owned by Brandon Sutton was filmed at 2016 Goodguys Nashville Nationals competing in the autocross course. The film says the car runs a 6.0 L LSx V8 which means it is probably running a LS2 or iron-block LQ4/LQ9. From the video you can see the engine has been setup … Read more

Opel Omega with a Saab B234

Opel Omega with a Saab B234

When this 1996 Opel Omega B left the factory it was powered by a 3.2 L V6. The Polish owner however decided a turbocharged 2.3 L B234 from a Saab 9000 would be more enjoyable. The engine was built with B205 head, B235 pistons, GT35/30 turbocharger and its displacement was increased to 2.4 liters. This … Read more

Opel Calibra with Twin 700 HP VR6 Engines

Opel Calibra Tsunami with 1400 HP Twin VR6 engines

This Opel Calibra is called the Tsunami and was built by Mickey Garage in Poland. The car is powered by two Volkswagen VR6 engines. The engines are comprised of a factory block and head but with a GT45 turbocharger, ECUMaster ECU, and custom exhaust and intake, the engines are capable of producing 700 horsepower and … Read more

1969 Opel Commodore With A BMW E46 M3 Engine

Heikki Mattila's 1969 Opel Commodore With A BMW S54B32 Engine

Heikki Mattila is the owner/builder of this 1969 Opel Commodore and contacted us to share about this purpose built race car from Finland. Since this was built purely for racing everything in the car that didn’t help with forward momentum has been removed giving the car a weight of 2,396 lb (1,087 kg). Looking at … Read more