Custom Inline-Five from Two Hayabusa Engines

Custom Inline-Five from Two Hayabusa Engines

Bjørnar Eskedal is a talented engine builder from Sandefjord, Norway. He spends a lot of his time in his garage building Suzuki Hayabusa engines however in June he started work on a very unique project. Bjørnar is building a custom inline-five using two Hayabusa Gen 1 inline-four engines. The crankshaft is complete and the crankcase … Read more

Thor is a Billet 4.0 L Inline-Four Capable of 1500+ hp

Elmer Racing Thor 4.0 L inline-four

Elmer Racing is a company in Finland that specializes in custom racing components. For several months they have been releasing details on their custom 4.0 L (3974 cc) inline-four they call Thor which will reliably produce over 1,500 horsepower. The engine is designed for top classes in time attack and hill climb racing. The engine … Read more

Steve Morris Upgrades The Devel Sixteen V16

Steve Morris Engines Builds a Quad-turbo V16

Several months ago we shared Steve Morris’ wild quad-turbo V16 engine he was building for the Devel Sixteen supercar. Steve recently revealed he was working on the next stage of upgrades for the ridiculously powerful engine. The upgrades is a set of billet heads and a solid roller camshaft. The previous version of the engine … Read more