1969 Camaro with Toyota Power and Style

When I saw images of this 1969 Camaro with a Toyota 1JZ swap, I knew it was going to cause a lot of “discussions.” But then I learned it also has the dash, console and interior from a Toyota Hilux truck. On top of that add some bright orange paint and you have yourself a … Read more

Supercharged LSx Powered 2nd Gen Camaro

The owner of this very nice 2ng generation Camaro with a supercharged LSx motor swap sent it across the auction block hoping to get a bid. The owner has over $80K into it and was looking to sell it for $50K. If you are looking for a really fast and reliable 2nd gen Camaro use … Read more

1971 Impala with Twin Turbo LSX

This will be one scary Impala when completed. You are looking at a 1971 Chevy Impala with a monster twin turbocharged LSX. The engine is 440 cubic inches and the turbos are Turbonectics T76s. When all is said and done the car is expected to make 1,500 horsepower to the wheels! Source: LS1Tech

Chevy S-10 with Viper Engine

An ESD reader pointed us to their friend’s “go-fast” Chevrolet S-10 with a big Viper V10 sitting between the front rails. For more info and pics please check out the build thread. Source: Facebook via Hemily

JCG Restoration’s Pro-touring 1968 Camaro

JCG Restoration has built an incredible 1968 Pro-touring Camaro. Under the carbon fiber hood sits a 600 horsepower LS7 motor built by QMP Racing. The engine also features a dry sump oil system, Detroit Speed and Engineering headers and a Speartech engine harness. All that power gets routed through a six-speed T-56 transmission, ACT clutch, … Read more